Unlocking the Power of Agile with Astatinn’s QuantAgile® Certification Program

In the fast-paced world of software management, staying ahead of the curve is essential for success. Traditional Agile methodologies, while effective in many cases, often struggle to meet the complex needs of large organizations. This is where Astatinn’s QuantAgile® Certification Program steps in, offering a transformative approach to Agile practices at scale.

Introduction to Certification Program

The demand for effective Agile practices at scale is ever-growing, and Astatinn’s Certification Program aims to bridge this gap. This unique program provides participants with a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, empowering them to become valuable assets in the world of Agile and software management.

Fundamentals: Building the Foundation

The Fundamentals training course is designed for team leaders, executives, product managers, and scrum masters looking to delve into the methods, tools, and ways of working in QuantAgile mode. With four comprehensive modules spread over 12 hours, participants gain a deep understanding of QuantAgile® principles and its practical implementation.

Governance: Driving Productivity

For team leaders and product managers seeking to enhance productivity. The Governance course offers a comprehensive solution. Through six modules spanning 24 hours, participants learn how to empower teams, motivate top performers, and implement continuous improvement mindsets within their organizations.

Facilitation of Teams: Keeping Engagement High

The Facilitation of teams course is tailored for team leaders and scrum masters tasked with managing teams in QuantAgile mode. Across six modules and 20 hours of training, participants gain insights into team structuring, reducing dependencies, and maintaining engagement to drive success.

Enterprise: Scaling for Success

Designed for team leaders, executives, and scrum masters operating within enterprise organizations, the Enterprise Course offers a comprehensive understanding of Agile methodologies tailored for large-scale implementations. With six modules spread over 36 hours, participants gain the tools and knowledge needed to navigate complex organizational structures successfully.

Transformation Coaching: Unlocking Potential

Agile Coaches seeking to coach others in implementing QuantAgile methodologies can benefit from the Transformation Coaching course. Over four modules and 20 hours, participants learn essential skills to drive transformational change and unlock the true potential of their teams.

Systemic Coaching: Advanced Techniques for Success

For Agile Coaches looking to delve deeper into methodologies, the QuantAgile Systemic Coaching course offers advanced techniques and strategies. With six modules spanning 36 hours, participants learn how to configure tools, reports, and motivate teams using advanced motivational techniques for maximum impact.

Product Management: Elevating Project Management Skills

Product Managers looking to elevate their project management skills can benefit from the QuantAgile Product Management course. Over four modules and 20 hours, participants gain insights into adaptive planning, skill matrix development, dynamic structuring, and scientific prioritization to drive successful project outcomes.

QuantAgile Methodology: The Future of Software Management

The Methodology offers a glimpse into the future of software management. This groundbreaking approach combines data-driven and adaptive planning, iterative improvement, and quantitative metrics for qualitative outcomes. With real-world examples and transformative approaches, this methodology is set to revolutionize the software management landscape.


In conclusion, Astatinn’s Certification Program offers a comprehensive suite of courses designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in today’s fast-paced software management landscape. By embracing QuantAgile methodologies, individuals and organizations can unlock their true potential and drive success in an increasingly competitive market. Register your interest today and take the first step towards becoming a valuable asset in the world of Agile and software management with Astatinn’s QuantAgile® Certification Program.

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